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Hi again,

I am Tahir Shahzad. Being a programmer I am full stack web developer from last 3 years. In this career I worked with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and angular while on back-end I have hands on experience with custom PHP, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. In frameworks I am fluent with Yii and Laravel.

I am machine learning enthusiast and keen to learn new technologies. I love the idea of artificial intelligence to serve humanity.

Though I am introvert but I am accessible. I feel happy when I can mentor others and share my knowledge. I organized networking events. Speak about technology and write on Quora.

Soon I will start a blog to create awareness regarding issues in society, role of religion in our life and future we live in.

Tahir - Web Developer and Machine Learning Enthusiast

Tahir – Web Developer and Machine Learning Enthusiast

What Tahir Do.

Web Development

Full stack web developer

Research & Development

Learning latest technologies in machine learning



I write on quora and soon will share personal blog.

Want to bring an idea to life!

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Web Development.

Website - Onexte Consulting
Widget - Bundle Calculator
Website - Fluency Corp
Widget - Internet Usage Calculator
Plugin - Custom Product
Website - Wi-Tribe


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