Tahir Shahzad

Product Manager | Web Developer | AI Enthusiast

Hello World

Hi, I am Tahir Shahzad. Hello world is my ice-breaking blog post. Right now I don’t know where to start and what to write about but here I am. There are so many topics need to be addressed. There are voices that are unheard. I will try to be the unheard voice about religion, culture, social issues and create awareness about technology.

Web Development:

My connection with technology will be helping to cover tech insights in my limited capability. Create awareness and how to utilize technology for the betterment of society, spread education and help those who need it. Being web developer I can write tutorials and answer the question for each phase of web development.

Artificial Intelligence:

I am artificial intelligence enthusiast. I am learning tensorflow and deep networks along with my research. In the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning data is important. Utilizing third-party APIs some scripts are in process to access huge amount of data, filter and generate labels for data. I will also share some utility tools from my research group.

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