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What is DIY?

Have you come across this acronym before? If yes, you are lucky. If not, you are lucky still because you are going to know about it in the ensuing lines.
If you want to develop yourself professionally, in 9 out of 10 cases, no body will help you. No moral support, no financial support, no counseling, no guidance.
What to do then?
Continue to wait for the govt to step in?
Keep on Waiting for friends and family to support?

Past experience shows no one is gonna help. What to do then?


Social Media

Become member of Facebook groups and follow related pages. Join Twitter and use its hashtag feature to find kindred spirits. Build your profile on LinkedIn. Join academia.edu. Visit websites of bloggers.

What are you doing? You are building PLN. Your own personal learning network. This is called online networking.

Meetups & Conferences

You can also build your offline networking. Meet people in conferences, workshops, seminars.

How to do it?

You are waiting for govt to invite you? No, You have to do it yourself. DIY 🙂
Never miss a conference, a seminar or a workshop. If you can get sponsors, low priced tickets, early bird access, well and good. if not, DIY. Always save a little amount to spend on yourself, your education, learning and grooming. If it’s worth attending, spend out of your own pocket.


These days there are lot of MOOCs, massive open online courses. There are many free resources available. e.g. Join Coursera. There are free webinars.  You can attend free online seminars. No body is going to help you.. Do it yourself.

DIY is a great idea. It has impacted my life much. You want to do something adventurous. Don’t wait for finances. Don’t wait for helping hands. There maybe few praying lips for you, if you are lucky. helping hands? I have doubts.
So do it yourself. DIY.
If you can’t do it yourself, no body is going to translate your dreams into reality.

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